How To Use Board Booster with Pinterest

How To Use Board Booster with Pinterest

What is Board Booster

Board Booster is a Pinterest application tool that allows you to schedule pins and really make Pinterest work for you. Pinterest is a fantastic way to organize content, add pins, and get more followers to your site. But who has hours to go through pins & boards, then add them and categorize them?

Board Booster will do it all for you.


Board Booster Features


Create secret boards then BB will repin them for you to your public board of your choosing.


Allows you to set up a drip campaign and repin multiple times over the course of days, weeks even months to different boards.


Grabs old pins from the bottom of the board and repin it to the top. You can set it up to automatically delete duplicate pins as well.


You will only want looping for large boards where you have at least a few hundreds pins or more.

To set up looping: Click add boards & choose at least one large board you want to loop. Click continue.

Choose settings (enable protection for viral duplicates)


That’s it! Board Booster will start looping right away for you.


How to set up

Board Booster offers to set up our boards for you for a $75.00 fee.

Don’t waste your money when you can do it yourself.


Aim for at least 10 boards, if you can think of anymore ideas than that then add more than 10. The more the betterr.

Step 2

Board Booster Scheduler

Click on scheduler. Schedular is configured to publish up to 35 total pins per day to 12 boards.

Step 3

Click  Add boards & select the board you want to add.

Step 4

Configure settings and edit the times. When do you want your pins to run? For example try 12pm to 11am or whatever time you like. You can always edit and change later if the time doesn’t work for you.

Step 5 

Confgure advanced settings, change the

Setting scheduler

defaults here. When a pin gets published, keep it on the source board, that way you will have a pool that continues to provide content for Pinterest. Also, when all the pins are published, start over.

Step 6

Start pinning to secret boards.

Board booster creates secret boards for you (the pool). You will know the difference because the secret boards will have a minus sign before the word. When  you start pinning, make sure you pin “- start your own blog” instead of “start your own blog” (example)

Next you need to go through and put all of your posts on Pinterest boards. YUP all of them. Go through one month at a time, make Pinterest friendly images and start pinning to those secret boards. FILL THAT POOL.


Board Booster is Free for the first 100 pins. When the trial is over they will send you an email an ask if you want to sign up. The cost is $5.00 per month. Well worth the valve considering how much traffic it gets you.


They will also give you an affiliate link to refer people to the site. What a great way to get your own subscription for FREE.

So what are you waiting for ?

Click here

and get started pinning!

Want to start your own blog?

Have an idea for a blog name? See if it is availabe

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