Musk Melon Health Benefits – The Superhero of Fruit

Musk Melon Health Benefits – The Superhero of Fruit

What Is Muskmelon? ¬†ūüćą

Muskmelon is what I think of as My Superhero Fruit. It is cooling and hydrating because they have such a high percentage of water. Muskmelons are often mistaken for Cantaloupes, they are both melons but are so completely different.

Muskmelons                                                                                                                 Cantaloupes

Reticulatus Group                                                                        Cantaluperis Group

Round fruit with net like ribbed rind                                       Round fruit with a warty rough rind

Mild to moderate ribbing                                                            Heavier deep grooved ribbing

Sweet orange flesh                                                                        Orange or green flesh


Muskmelons are also called:

  • Cucumis Melo
  • Kharbuja
  • Sweet Melons
  • Rock Melons

One cup of Muskmelon contains:muskmelon benefits


32 Benefits of Eating Muskmelon Daily

There are so many health benefits to eating Muskmelons every day. It is important to even keep the seeds.

  1. Controls Blood Pressure –¬†They are rich in potassium which helps regulate blood pressure.
  2. Strengthens Eyes –¬†Muskmelon contains high amounts of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene and helps reduce the risk of Cataracts.
  3. Helps Weight Loss 
  4. Muskmelons contain ZERO fat
  5. Good Carbs – They have good carbs derived from sugars which are easily broken down by they body.
  6. Water Content is very high
  7. Muskmelon Seeds –¬†The seeds inside a Muskmelon contain special fibre which is beneficial to your overall health.
  8. Potassium –¬†The Muskmelon contains a very high content of Potassium which helps reduce belly fat.
  9. Helps control Diabetes by regulating blood sugar.
  10. Low in Cholesterol
  11. Boost Immune System & Treats Ulcers –¬†Because they have super rich Vitamin C eating muskmelon will strengthen your immune system and stimulate and increase white blood cells.
  12. Relieves Constipation as it contains a high amount of fibre
  13. Prevents Kidney Stones – Oxykine is an extract of muskmelon which helps cure Kidney Disorders.
  14. Helps During Pregnancy
    • ¬†High Folate content which prevents water retention
    • Induce breast milk – Regular consumption of the musk melon during lacation helps mothers by enhancing the sufficient breast milk production to properly feed their baby.
    • Rich in folic acid and iron
    • Prevents baby from birth defects
    • Provides relief of morning sickness
  15. Cures Sleeping Disorder – Muskmelons relax the nerves and muscles making it easier to sleep
  16. Eases Menstrual Cramps
  17. Dissolves Clots and eases muscle cramps
  18. Prevents The Risk Of Cancer –¬†Vitamin C eliminates free radical, saving the cells of the body from getting damaged by them preventing the risk of getting Cancer.
  19. Helps In Quitting Smoking Р Muskmelon helps the body recover from Nicotine withdrawals by rejuvenating the lungs
  20. Prevents Heart Disease –¬†Reduces the risk of heart ailments from the adenine in the fruit
  21. Stomach Ulcers –¬† The high Vitamin C helps soothe and cure stomach ulcers
  22. Relieves Stress Р Eating Muskmelon increases flow of oxygen to the brain
  23. Healthy Skin –¬†It has an anti – aging property which makes skin glow and become acne free
  24. Soothes A Toothache –¬†Boil the melon skin in water. Rinse your mouth once a day. The skin contains certain extracts to relieve toothaches.
  25. Acid Reflux –¬†Muskmelons contain a neutral PH that fixes acidity issues
  26. Cough & Congestion –¬†The melon seeds provide relief from coughing as they flush out the excess of phlegm from your system
  27. Muskmelons contain Vitamin B content and protein which strengthens your hair and nails
  28. Prevents UTI (Urinary Tract Infections)
  29. Boosts body energy
  30. Helps prevent age related bone loss
  31. Erectile Dysfunction –¬†Muskmelon Juice is a natural aphrodisiac which enhances sexual desire among men and cures Erectile Dysfunction. Other fruit that can help with ED is Watermelon, Cooked Tomatoes, Guava, Apricots and Cantaloupe
  32. The Muskmelon Seeds provide help to get rid of Intestinal Worms


Food Facts

  • How to find a ripe Melon –¬†A ripe Muskmelon with be heavier than one that hasn’t fully ripened
  • Try to include Muskmelon into your daily diet – For example
    • Sorbet
    • Salad (dry the seeds and use them on top as well)
    • Fruit Smoothie

Muskmelon Juice

Cantaloupe Juice

1 Muskmelon

Raw Honey or Stevia (to taste)


  1. Rinse the melon in water. Cut in half and slice into long pieces
  2. Remove the peel and separate it from the flesh & remove seeds (keep flesh and seeds)
  3. Chop and add in a blender. Add desired sweetener. No need to add water
  4. Blend until smooth
  5. Pour into glasses and serve


If Juice is too thick – add water

Serve juice immediately. Do not chill or refrigerate, it changes the flavour and loses freshness.

Muskmelon Agua Fresca

10 cups Muskmelon

3 tbsp lime juice (fresh)

5 tbsp sugar

3 cups water

Mint Leaves for garnish

  1. In a blender, puree muskmelon until smooth. Pour through a strainer (makes 4 1/2 cups)
  2. Discard pulp or freeze into ice cubes for your drink (yummy)
  3. Pour liquid melon into large pitcher and add water and lime juice
  4. Stir to combine
  5. Sweeten with sugar according to taste
  6. Keep chilled until ready to serve

Serve with muskmelon chunks, plenty of ice and mint.


Strain puree 2x to get a nice clear liquid. Add a pinch of salt to bring out the flavour.

There you have it !

healthy choices

It goes to show you that if we were to stick to eating the way they used to in the old days, making our own foods, growing our fruits and vegetables and leaving all the processed junk alone. We may live a lot longer and much healthier lives. I remember all those old movies my mom and dad used to watch and seeing the people get super old sitting in the rocking chairs on the front porch and talking about there parents that were sleeping inside lol. They didn’t talk about cancer and diabetes and all the terrible horrifying things we have now days. There has to be something said about the way they lived back then.

If you have tried any of the methods above or if you want to try and test some out. Let me know by leaving some comments below and tell me how they work¬†ūüėä


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