Let’s Get Ready For Christmas! Don’t Wait For The Last Minute

Let’s Get Ready For Christmas! Don’t Wait For The Last Minute

🎄 Let’s Get Ready For Christmas! 🎄


Ok, now that Halloween is over, I have to get a move on getting ready for Christmas. October got away from me this year and I’m a month behind in my Christmas tasks, but I know I can whip it together and get back on track. I hope my Christmas Guide can help you this year and for many years to come.


Christmas Guide


Get Inspired

Christmas guideI’m still putting away Halloween decorations, but I need to move forward with Christmas. If you are having troubles getting into the Christmas Holidays mindset, I suggest going on Pinterest and start looking at all the wonderful ideas that are already on there.


Create A Budget

Creating a budget can be tedious as well as depressing but it also can help make your life alot easier. Put your pen to paper and list out those finances and income so you know exactly how much you have to spend for the holidays. If you would like a budget template to help you out, I can help with that.

Create a budget for the holidays


Create Your Lists

Now that you know how much money you can spend for the holidays, you will start creating your lists:

  • Who are you buying for
  • DIY gifts and decorations
  • Supply lists for DIY gifts & decorations
  • Create your Christmas card list
  • Create your stocking stuffer list

I also like to start gathering up all my large 5 lb margarine containers. They are way cheaper and great for freezing all your Christmas baking.

The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain.



If you plan on doing on any baking for gifts or for the holidays, you might want to start now. I like to get a jump start because I know when it gets closer to Christmas day, I will have forgotten someone or something for someone or forget I had company coming over. I love making Gingerbread cookies, and my recipe is super simple.Preparing my baking early and freezing it, allows me to be able to have it on hand just in case I do need it early. Then I will still have some time to remake the batch I have used without having to rush and squeeze it in to my other chores. Using the 5 lb margarine containers to freeze and store all my baking is great, especially if you are giving some of the baking away. Tupperware and plastic containers are not cheap to buy and I don’t know about your friends and family, but I almost never get mine back lol. Using the margarine containers to give away your baking makes your costs alot less.


Christmas Cards

Do you still like to give out Christmas cards, now would be the time to do them. If you use a company to create and send them, I would order them now.  You might like to create custom made Christmas cards like I do. It is super easy to do with  Cricut Explore Air™ 2 machine
Cricut Maker Machine


November is when I start making my gifts and decoration for the house.  I usually make homemade wine, dessert squares, pine-cone wreaths and cookies in a jar. Last year I even made my own hot chocolate in a jar for gifts. Last year I made cookie platters for my family for Christmas and even went one step beyond and made my own platters to put them on. The best part; I made them with candy!

candy tray


Finish Your Shopping

This is a hard task to accomplish but if you can, you will be able to take most of the pressure off yourself and focus on all the fun stuff to do for the holidays!




Christmas Cards

By now I will bet you had forgotten a few people on your Christmas card list. Go through your cards and make sure everyone’s card is completed and them mail them out now. Mailing them out a bit early will ensure everyone (especially the ones out of town) gets them before Christmas time!



I usually decorate the house and tree about the 2nd week of December.  By now you have had time to finish all your DIY decorations. Now you can start decorating the house and have your tree trimming get together. You will be able to relax and enjoy it because your baking is done, gifts are bought and finished being made.


Wrap Your Gifts

I always had a plan when my son was small, and to this day has told me I was mean lol. We never kept his gifts at home. I always kept them at my in laws or my moms house. I would bring them home to wrap them and then take them right back to their house. He could snoop all he wanted and he never found his gifts 😊


Finish Your Baking

If you have to remake any of your baked goods (because they got eaten already) or if you just haven’t finished your goodies yet, this is your last chance to get everything together.


Now sit back, relax and enjoy Christmas!



candy cane 

Do you have any Christmas Traditions? Please leave comments below

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